Thursday, October 1, 2015

Treasured Memories

Hello Everyone,

This photo is my favourite photo of my grandmother. I just love her sitting on the horse in her pretty dress with her brother standing beside her. I had an idea that I wanted the photo to look like a picture hanging on a wall. I picked the wood panels as it matched the old wood panels on the shed behind my grandmother. It is a page which i scrapped from Kaszazz products and stamps. I love the old family heritage photos and I am lucky enough to have a good collection of heritage photos. My family was poor and came out from England, when my grandmother was a small baby, so I am thankful for them, as I should imagine it would have been hard for them to have photos taken of the family. When I first started scrapbooking 20 years ago or more the first album I did was  Creative Memories Album with my Heritage photos, telling the story of my family. One of my photos dates back more than 105 years. Today my album is in pristine condition and my children love to look through the album when they come up for a visit. Gee the style of my scrapbooking has changed. I hope you enjoy my Layout.